Afissos, Volos
+30 24230 33245, +30 69733 67315
+30 24210 28451

Hotel Mirto...

... is a traditional stone build village Hotel that has been in business for 30 years under the care of the Sofiadi family. The parents ; John & Lia and there two daughters, Liana & Mignon. They all reside in their home that is located right beside the Hotel ready to accommodate you in any way they can. Their goal is for all guest to feel right at home, relaxed and to have an unforgettable time.


is a tranquil fishing village with only the sound of the sea and a handful of tourists at a time. Afissos has managed to keep its traditional look and feel over many hundred years, the town’s people are warm, friendly and ever so welcoming. With the glorious green mountain views, the fresh air the traditional restaurants and pubs the incredible beaches make it all too much like paradise that you might not want to sail away either.

Our Harbour

Greek mythology, talks about Iasona, the leader of the Argonauts, stopping for water in our village. Many of the crew members astonished by the beauty that our village possessed decided to stay. The ship Argo began to prepare to set sail. They asked the ones on the beach if they would come on board, they declined and decided to stay behind so Iasona said ( Afisson ) them. Thus the name of this magical paradise like place was born.


Each and every room is equiped with a full kitchen to accomodate you, this way you can prepare a full meal if you desire so.The old fashioned bakery that is located directly outside our doors is filled with freshly daily good treats to satisfy even the pickiest of sweettooths. With monthly festivals in the town center you can expect to hear some traddionnal music and some good old fashionned dancing.

For those of you that are early birds, somegood advice woudl be to go to the marina and buy some fresh fish, the catch of the day.

Because of the limited space and cars in our village we have a private parking nearby.



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