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    Historical Libriry of Zagora , Zagora
    The school of Rigas Ferreos or Hellenic museum as it was known, the oldest school on Pelion, Kallinikos Lapatis (Patriarch of Constantinopole) and the bard of the Greeks Rigas Fereos were students of the school among others. The town of Zagora lies in the very heart of Pelion forest. From the Middle Ages onwards there are plenty of records documenting the rise and prosperity of Zagora.
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    Chania-Kissos Path , Kissos
    We have recoded each route step-by-step, focusing on the junction points where one is likely to lose the trail easier.
  • Pelion's paths
    Agios Ioannis - Anilio Pelion Mt.
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    Villa En-Helion , Anilio
    Alternative holidays in VILLA EN-HELION, between Anilion and Agios Ioannis villages, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Aegean sea, only 5-6 min (by car) away from the wonderful beaches Plaka, Papa Nero and Agios Ioannis.