Located 6 km from the navy Trikeri, across from the island the Old Trikeri, is the beach of Alogoporos. The beachfront complex located in the heart of Pagassitikos and surrounded by lush greenery. The rocky coast and galanoprasina shallow waters make the serene landscape and soon absorb the tranquility emits. Good place for families and those seeking relaxation. From this point, one may be led to the only inhabited island of Pagassitikos, Old Trikeri, the boat that stands on the beach everyday. They do not need more than 15 minutes thalasseias road to get there and then mastered the traditional rhythms of the island, and the Old Trikeri time stood forgotten in the routine of a bygone era. Unique, perhaps disadvantage is the fact that there is no public transport from Trikeri Alogoporos the result that access is more difficult. However, one can choose walking, enjoying, and descends, the lush landscape and overlooking the waters of Pagassitikos yummy.

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